Pet Wellness/Preventative Exams

We offer high-quality comprehensive wellness exams, early detection, and personalized care. Prioritize your pet’s health and happiness.

a person holding a dog

Pet Wellness at Lake Park Animal Clinic in Indian Trails

At Lake Park Animal Clinic, we understand that your furry family members are a major part of your life. That’s why we prioritize pet wellness services to care for and protect your beloved pets. Our experienced team of veterinarians and technicians ensures that preventive care is provided to all kinds of animals from puppies to seniors.

Pet wellness is essential for maintaining the health of your pet and ensuring they have a long, happy life. We offer comprehensive pet wellness care including physical exams, vaccinations, dental care, nutrition counseling and so much more. When you bring your pet to Lake Park Animal Clinic in Indian Trails, our team will provide personalized advice tailored to the specific needs of your pet.

At our clinic, we believe in taking a proactive approach to pet wellness which is why regular check-ups are strongly recommended. We’ll closely monitor your pet’s health and growth over the years so that any signs of illness or disease can be noticed early on and treated appropriately. Our team will also provide suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes that can help keep your pet healthy and active.

For more involved conditions, our vets utilize advanced medical equipment to diagnose and treat any issues impacting your pet’s health. We also understand that animals are sensitive creatures so we strive to make all visits as stress-free and pleasant as possible for both you and your pet.