Pet Lab Work

Our comprehensive veterinary diagnostics, including blood tests, X-rays, and more, ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Your pet’s care is our priority.

a dog with its mouth open

Pet Lab Work (in-house or sent out)

We don’t simply care for dogs at Lake Park Animal Clinic in Indian Trail, NC; we interact with them on a deeper level. This means that we have the ability to send lab work out for further testing, or for more simple results, we could get results in-house. 

Pet lab work is an essential part of veterinary care, providing valuable insight into your pet’s overall health. At Lake Park Animal Clinic, we recommend regular lab work for all pets, especially kittens, as it allows us to detect possible health issues before they become severe. Lab work can include a multitude of tests, ranging from blood tests to fecal exams, each targeting specific health markers. Blood tests can give us a comprehensive picture of your kitten’s organ functions, while a fecal exam helps in identifying any intestinal parasites.

Although lab work may seem a bit intimidating, especially for your furry friend, it is typically a straightforward procedure. For most tests, a simple draw of blood or a fecal sample is all that’s needed. Here at Lake Park Animal Clinic, we strive to make this process as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet. Early detection through lab work can be crucial in treating many conditions effectively.